Professional Update

It’s been some time since I posted a proper blog entry; I’ve been super duper busy (isn’t everyone, though?). In lieu of a lengthy discussion of an arcane yet contemporary topic, I’ve decided to simply post an update on the goings on in my world. Here are the highlights:

    • I had an academic article published in the open access journal, International Review of Information Ethics: “Digital Education and Oppression: Rethinking the Ethical Paradigm of the Digital Future.” I really enjoyed writing this piece, and the special issue editor–Michael Zimmer–was awesome. You can read the article here.
    • I had a short digital piece published on In Media Res: “Imagining the Engaged Academic.” It was part of the “Representations of College” curation on the aforementioned site. You can read and view the digital project here.
    • I finished an academic piece with my advisor–Laura Gurak–on blog and wiki discourse, which will be published this fall in the International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction. I’m uncertain of the exact publishing date, but it should be in the next two months or so. The topic is an area of expertise for my advisor and me, and I always enjoy working with her (so it was a win-win!).
    • I have two academic articles about to be sent out for review. The first is about epistēmē, social justice, and the digital humanities; the second is based off a presentation I gave at the Rhetoric Society of America conference this year, which examines the concept of askesis and identity in online spaces. I’m excited about both articles.
    • I have two popular articles that will soon be published. The first is an essay about object-oriented ontology and BB guns; the second is about the struggles of being an academic while also practicing Buddhism. I’m being hush on the publishing sites because I need to be hush–for now.
    • I was invited to deliver a lecture to the American Association of University Women–Minneapolis Chapter. My talk will be about digital technologies for 21st century living. The talk is this fall, and I’m excited.
    • I received the James I Brown Teaching Excellence Award from my department. It’s awarded to “graduate students for excellence in teaching in the Writing Studies Department programs.” I was honored to receive the award.
    • I was nominated for the Council of Graduate Students Teaching Excellence Award. This is a student nominated award, and while I didn’t win, it was an honor to be nominated by my students. It really meant a lot to me that my students took the time to do so.
    • I’m teaching WRIT 3577W: Rhetoric, Technology, and the Internet for my department this fall. I’m really excited about this course because it’s one of my specialty areas, and it’s an awesome course. You can check out the course website here.

I think that’s enough for this professional update. I’m on the job market this academic year, so I’ll post about that later. So much to do and so little time, right?