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Snow Fall

I experienced my first snow fall last week. It was quite nice. I know everyone is warning me about how cold it is in Minnesota, but, so far, I love it. Now, I do realize that it hasn’t gotten to the below zero weather yet; however, when it does, I am prepared. I bought a heavy winter coat last month. It’s rated to -35 degrees F, so I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble.

It is a bit odd being exposed to all the snow and the true winter weather. I grew up in Central California, and it never snowed. Then, I moved to Arkansas where it snowed maybe one inch total over the entire winter. So, stepping outside after the first snow fall, I was astonished at how clear the roads were. It was amazing. The road in front of my apartment was plowed and salted before I even awoke that morning. Some of the kids in my building made a snow man and had a snow ball fight. It was cute. I almost joined in, but, alas, I had to go to work.

It’s weird living in a state where there are actual seasons. There is an actual winter with snow. I still need to order some winter boots and get some proper gloves, but, overall, I have enjoyed the winter so far. I look forward to the sub-zero temperatures.

I usually enjoy cold weather because you can always put more clothes on; you can only take so many clothes off in public.