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Doodling Committee Members

As I was revising my thesis for submission to the UALR Graduate School for format check, I was looking through a copy of my work that one of my committee members gave me with mark ups. He had done a copyedit for me as well as asked some pertinent questions about my structure and ideas. As I was reading page-by-page looking at his mark ups, I noticed that he had doodled little bodiless heads in my draft.

I saw them and started laughing. It was just the little pick me up I needed to finish my draft for format check. All of my committee members were great and extremely helpful. My doodling committee member always makes me laugh and smile when I talk to him. So, seeing little bodiless heads in my draft, little places where he had doodled as he read my work, was a perfect commentary to his personality.

He made me laugh and sometimes that’s all you need.