Doodling Committee Members

July 25th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

As I was revising my thesis for submission to the UALR Graduate School for format check, I was looking through a copy of my work that one of my committee members gave me with mark ups. He had done a copyedit for me as well as asked some pertinent questions about my structure and ideas. As I was reading page-by-page looking at his mark ups, I noticed that he had doodled little bodiless heads in my draft.

I saw them and started laughing. It was just the little pick me up I needed to finish my draft for format check. All of my committee members were great and extremely helpful. My doodling committee member always makes me laugh and smile when I talk to him. So, seeing little bodiless heads in my draft, little places where he had doodled as he read my work, was a perfect commentary to his personality.

He made me laugh and sometimes that’s all you need.


July 8th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

The most challenging aspect of my grad school experience up to now has been writing my thesis. I have definitely found a new appreciation for revision during this process. My research deals with how users construct identity via performance and narrative within Facebook.

I find online communities and issues of identity within those communities fascinating. I am so thankful for my thesis advisor–Dave Fisher. He is a phenomenal advisor and mentor. He has done more in the last six months to prepare me for the rigors of doctoral school than my entire time in my MA program.

My thesis will not be perfect and it will not be what I envisioned when I began writing it; however, it will be okay. It will be something that I can improve over time. I think this is true of most theses.

Anyway, I love writing, research, and everything they entail. So, doctoral school should be wonderful and challenging.

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