Dictionaries Are Useful

March 29th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I haven’t written much about politics lately because politics tire me at times. Often, I think people just go back and forth in political argument like two screaming donkeys. It’s irritating and useless; however, it is the hallmark of the American political system, and it’s not going to change for a long time.

Anyway, I recently got into a heated discussion with a Tea Partier about higher education. This person, henceforth referred to as a TPer, accused me of being a liberal, socialist, and brainwashing asshole who seeks to turn his students into mindless zombie liberals. Well, while it is true that I am quite liberal, I am neither a socialist (though I understand the advantages and disadvantages) or one who engages in brainwashing. I actually laughed at the thought of the TPer sitting at his computer typing furiously as he attacked my character and political position. I don’t hide my political position when I teach, but I also don’t outright put down my students positions either. I see my class as a safe area where students can explore their views and the views of others. So, I was particularly insulted when I was accused of brainwashing; however, I realized that when someone reaches the point of ad hominem, then they have lost the argument.

The TPer then accused me a running around and apologizing to people for American for which I should be ashamed. He said this country has enough apologists! Now, I didn’t want to spend anymore time entertaining this Tea Party buffoon, so I linked him to the proper dictionary entry for apologist and told him to learn how to fucking read and he could benefit from a basic writing course regarding the rules of argumentation and proofreading.

I loath Tea Partiers because they are willfully ignorant. My advice to Tea Partiers is to wake up and go back to school where they can actually learn something.

p.s. An apologist is one who defends a belief while an apologizer is one who apologizes for things.

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