Sushi, anyone?

October 7th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

As I continue to adjust to the Cities, a doctoral student in the program has become a good friend of mine–Dawn. She is a lovely lady and I always have wonderful conversations with her about our research as well as life in general. It appeared we had started a routine of meeting every other week for sushi. We have been going to this delightful sushi bar near Lake Calhoun; however, Dawn has been ill lately so we didn’t go this past Sunday.

I didn’t realize how much I appreciated her company until we had to forgo our sushi time. Our research interests are quite similar, our pasts are not. So, our initial similarities in research was the catalyst for our burgeoning friendship. I think it’s wonderful that I was able to make a friend with someone who has vastly different experiences from my own.

She’s an awesome woman and I appreciate her comments on my abstract thinking and ideas. I’m happy to have made friends, even though they may be few, in less strange place.

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