Snow Fall

I experienced my first snow fall last week. It was quite nice. I know everyone is warning me about how cold it is in Minnesota, but, so far, I love it. Now, I do realize that it hasn’t gotten to the below zero weather yet; however, when it does, I am prepared. I bought a heavy winter coat last month. It’s rated to -35 degrees F, so I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble.

It is a bit odd being exposed to all the snow and the true winter weather. I grew up in Central California, and it never snowed. Then, I moved to Arkansas where it snowed maybe one inch total over the entire winter. So, stepping outside after the first snow fall, I was astonished at how clear the roads were. It was amazing. The road in front of my apartment was plowed and salted before I even awoke that morning. Some of the kids in my building made a snow man and had a snow ball fight. It was cute. I almost joined in, but, alas, I had to go to work.

It’s weird living in a state where there are actual seasons. There is an actual winter with snow. I still need to order some winter boots and get some proper gloves, but, overall, I have enjoyed the winter so far. I look forward to the sub-zero temperatures.

I usually enjoy cold weather because you can always put more clothes on; you can only take so many clothes off in public.


  1. Ya know? I kinda miss it. KINDA.

    The times when I don’t miss it are when it gets really slushy and messy in March and it wrecks your cute boots and heels with salt lines. Also, I do not like the way the snow makes people drive like they are insane. And, when you rub against your car, you will need to dry-clean your coat.

    But besides that, there is nothing more peaceful that a MN snowfall. It insulates your ears from all the sounds around you. Supah sweet, if you like quiet muffled noised and such.

    Also, the snow really brings out the MN-nice in people. People help push one another out of snowbanks and help each other shovel the walk. That’s normal stuff in MN.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying MN so much! It’s been really fun seeing your perspective.

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