How Do I Make My Learning Visible?

During our first #etmooc session, Alec Couros asked: “How do you make your learning visible?” This is a good question, and one I’ve struggled with often. I think it’s important–not just for me but also for my students.

There are many ways learning is visible. I made a mind map of how I see my learning visibility. I put it together in xMind: How I Make My Learning Visible.



  1. This is a valuable question. Like the xMind. Never used it but ive begun using draw apps or whiteboards on my iPad for the same. I’ve also started Livescribe w Evernote. But… They are doodles not structures as clean as as your xMind of course. I think watching you build it is also a learning layer.
    For your classroom too not just your MOOC or ProDev. I’m all for multiple modalities- write, draw, speak – with a range of scale or outcome. Big projects to little ticket out tasks. I do not devalue doodles. In fact I model them and encourage live doodles as feedback for my own learning as well as classroom practices.

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