Green Glass and Learning to Fail

January 9th, 2013 § 3 comments

2845637227_f2dba69ea4_mI made a video for #moocmooc. I think about what learning I value most, and how I do things in my classroom. I mention my dad and trades I once engaged in. It’s fun to think about what was, what is, and what can be.

The video is uncut and raw. All I did was put a title and ending on it. So, you’ll see me thinking through my answers, stumbling a bit, and saying “um” a little. I did this on purpose because it’s authentic. I’ll do an edited video later on in the week, so I can use the opportunity to rhetorical analyze both versions, as part of an online exercise in information presentation.

Comments welcomed here and on YouTube. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Flickr user fireflythegreat // Creative Commons licensed: CC-BY

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  • Lee Graham

    Shades of Donald Graves. I greatly enjoyed this.

    • trentmkays

      Thanks! Donald Graves is one of my writing teacher heroes. :)

  • Ron Sweeney

    Really enjoyable. You’ve inspired me to find some objects to bring to class. I’d like to hear more about what students do with the object. Do you have them write in response?

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