A Gravy I.V., Please

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and, for the first time in my life, I will not be spending it with my family. It was a tough decision, but I decided to spend Thanksgiving in the Twin Cities. It was just easier for me to spend the time in Minnesota than to decide whether I would go to California to visit my parents or Arkansas to visit my grandparents. It does sadden me a bit though knowing that I won’t get to taste my grandma’s gravy or my mom’s pumpkin crunch cake. But, that’s okay; there’s always next year.

This year I will be spending Thanksgiving with my good friend and colleague, Brigitte Mussack, and her husband, Mark Waller. I am thankful for Brigitte and Mark’s graciousness and kindness. It will be odd not spending time with my family, but, in a sense, I am spending time with my new academic family and friends. So, my turkey gravy induced coma will be with Brigitte and Mark’s family and not my own; however, this is fine with me as long as I have a place to drool and nap.

I am continually reminded of the warm and camaraderie I have felt since coming to UMN, and I am fortunate to be in such a fantastic place.

Bring on the gravy I.V. and sluggishness! The holidays are here….

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